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  • iMazing Lifetime License for 2 iOS devices: $44.99 > $22.49
  • iMazing Lifetime License for 3 iOS devices: $49.99 > $24.99
  • iMazing Lifetime License for 5 iOS devices: $69.99 > $34.99
  • iMazing Lifetime License for 10 iOS devices: $129.99 > $64.99
  • iMazing for Unlimited Devices: $59.99 per year > $29.99 per year

Then how to get this discount code?

How to Get This iMazing Coupon Code?

This is an online sale provided by iMazing, just click “GET DEAL” button to get the iMazing 50% discount.  The promo starts on Thursday, Nov 26th noon CET, and will be active 5 days, till Cyber Monday, Tuesday, Dec 1st noon CET.

Click GET DEAL to get iMazing 50% discount

Click GET DEAL to get iMazing 50% discount

About iMazing

iMazing is a must-have solution for those who need to manage backups carefully, drag and drop files, print messages, and much more. It’s a powerful and versatile iOS device manager that provides:

  • Full control of iOS mobile data – photos, music, messages, etc.
  • Advanced iOS backups – encrypted automatic backups via local Wi-Fi network, browsing backup contents, and much more…
  • Browsing and managing iOS Photo library without syncing it.
  • Saving Whatsapp chats or iOS Messages, to PDF, Excel, or plain text
  • iOS 14, macOS BigSur, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max support from day one.